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Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals representing over 100 different species. The zoo offers educational programs for children and adults, as well as special events. The zoo is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Admission is free for children under the age of 12, and admission is $5 for adults.

0.82 miles away

Central High Museum

Central High Museum is an important landmark in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is dedicated to the history of Central High School, which was a prestigious high school located in downtown Little Rock from the late 1800s until its closure in 1970. The museum is open to the public free of charge and features exhibits about the school's history and its students. There is also a library and classroom space available for use by schools or other organizations.

The museum has since grown to encompass over 10,000 square feet of exhibit space and has hosted thousands of visitors. The museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution and is part of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

1.16 miles away

Allsopp Park

Allsopp Park is a hidden gem in Little Rock. This park is perfect for a relaxing day with friends or family. The park has a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained, including a playground, a picnic area, and a lake. In the summertime, the lake is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

1.30 miles away

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is a nonprofit organization that preserves, promotes, and shares the cultural heritage of the mosaic Templars. The center is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The mosaic Templars were a Christian order that originated in Palestine in the 12th century. They are best known for their colorful mosaics, which are found in churches and other ecclesiastical buildings around the world. The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center features exhibits about the order's history and art, as well as programs that promote creative expression.

2.24 miles away

Arkansas Governor's Mansion

The Arkansas Governor's Mansion, also known as the Governor's Mansion State Park, is the official residence of the Governor of Arkansas. It is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The mansion was built in 1950 for then-Governor Charles Keck and was originally called the Governor's Mansion. The mansion served as the governor's official residence when the Capitol Building replaced it. The mansion has since been used for state functions and is open to the public.

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Esse Purse Museum & Store

Esse Purse Museum & Store Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas is a must-see for anyone interested in purses. The museum has an extensive collection of purses dating back to the 1800s, and features both vintage and contemporary purses. The store also sells purses, and offers a variety of customization options for those who want to personalize their purse. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and the store is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

2.53 miles away

Historic Arkansas Museum

The Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock is one of the best museums in the state. The museum has a large collection of art, artifacts, and memorabilia from the history of Arkansas. The museum also has a large collection of natural history specimens, including fossils and bones from extinct animals. The museum also has a large collection of Confederate artifacts, including militaria and weapons.

2.68 miles away

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in Little Rock is dedicated to maritime history, with a focus on the state's riverboats. The museum has a collection of more than 20 riverboats, as well as vessels from other areas of transportation. There are displays on the early days of steamboat travel on the Arkansas River, as well as exhibits on fishing and commerce. Boarding areas for riverboats provide an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of cruising down the Arkansas River.

2.85 miles away

Little Rock River Market

The Little Rock River Market is a farmers' market open every Saturday from April through October from 8am to 1pm. The market is located at the corner of Main and Cherokee in downtown Little Rock. There is also a food court with several vendors, including a bakery, a charcuterie, and a vegan-friendly grocery store.

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MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The museum features a collection of artifacts from the history of the Arkansas Army National Guard and the United States Army. The museum also has an exhibit on the career of General Douglas MacArthur.

2.91 miles away

Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas is a children's museum that features interactive exhibits and educational programming. The museum has a variety of exhibits that focus on science, history, and technology. There are also exhibits that focus on the natural world and the culture of Arkansas. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Admission is free for children age 3 and under, and admission for adults is $10.

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Burns Park Funland

Burns Park Funland is a family-friendly amusement park in Little Rock, Arkansas. With over 20 rides and attractions, the park is a great place to spend a hot day. From large roller coasters to more miniature rides, there is something for everyone at Burns Park Funland.

One of the most popular attractions at Burns Park Funland is the Giant Drop. This ride sends riders down a steep hill toward a significant drop-off. It's one of the most exhilarating rides at the park and it's perfect for thrill seekers of all ages.

The park also has a variety of smaller attractions, including a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and a mini-golf course. There's also plenty of space to play games such as tag and capture the flag.

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The Old Mill at T.R. Pugh Memorial Park

The Old Mill at T.R. Pugh Memorial Park Little Rock is a must-see attraction for visitors to Little Rock. The mill is one of the only mills left in the city. The mill is currently open to the public as a museum, and it offers tours that allow visitors to learn about the history of milling in Arkansas. The mill also has exhibits on local wildlife, including birds, snakes, and turtles.

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